Sunday, February 15, 2015

Craptastic Rock and Dance music from 1960's Sitcoms!

When I was a kid, I was a pint-sized expert on rock music just from watching hit sitcoms! Long before American Idol. The Voice, Star Search, MTV, Midnight Special, Don Kirchener's Rock Concert, In Concert or even The Partridge Family, the writers and producers of 60's era sitcoms had their finger on the pulse of modern music, and would occasionally share those wonderful insights by showcasing sitcom stars or guest stars in riveting performances that would live forever in musical excellence!
The following list isn't complete by any means, just a few highlights I was able to find on YouTube.

The Addams Family
Always hilarious, the Addams Family cashed in on the teen idol phase decades before Simon Cowell ever humiliated complete strangers with dubious skills on national television. Here Lurch sings and its comedy gold, proving once and for all that teenagers are morons who will buy anything.

My Three Sons No one could belt out a tune like Robbie Douglas

-unless of course it a pre-Gong Show Jaye P Morgan in a blonde fright wig!

Gilligan's Island

The gang get inspired to form their own rock groups when a rock band inexplicably shows up on their island. This was the show that LOST was based on: 

Long before Lady Gaga or Madonna turned the heads music lovers everywhere, that ultra-vixen Lovey Howell showed up Ginger and MaryAnn in this provocative number!

Not to be out done, the guys performed too. Musical magic that set the high bar on both music and comedy! Genius!

Batman was the number one show of its time so  naturally it needed a dance! And here it is, the dance that inspired John Travolta and Uma Therman in Pulp Fiction!

Andy Griffith Show
The AndyGriffith show featured segments with one of America's finest Bluegrass bands, The Dillards, which actually were entertaining, so I won't  be featuring them here. Nope, check out this scene where the always entertaining Keavey Hazelton rocks up Aunt Bea's heart-warming salute to her hometown. This is where Springsteen got the idea for his song, "My Hometown."

The Flintstones
Even cartoon characters could be rock stars in the 60's! Check out Fred!

I will add more clips as I come upon them! Thanks for watching!