Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post #2 The Commercialism of Christmas

Well its the week after Christmas, and if you're reading this without a half empty fifth of Jack Daniels and a loaded .44 within easy access -you must be doing okay.

I keep hearing how the Christmas season has become over-commercialized, and if you're someone who says that, you're either a tight wad or a religious fanatic -or possibly both.
Christmas has relied on advertising ever since the very beginning, when the Almighty placed a star above the manger so the Wise Men would know where to take their gifts to. Talk about product placement.

And everything was fine, until the Wise Men spilled the beans to Herod about what they were up to, and he decided to place a serious dent in Bethlehem's baby population.

Herod no doubt viewed the gifts they were bearing, and was the original guy to say "Christmas has become over commercialized" Like those nay sayers of the modern world, he decided to "poop in the pool" in a BIG way and spoil everyone's fun!

So remember, the next time someone says "Christmas is over commercialized" these are the words of some would-be baby-killer. Don't take them seriously. If you love Jesus, you'll spend spend spend.

That's what Christmas is all about.